Experience counts

Do you want a career in journalism, public relations or the media? Do you want to get paid as you train? Don’t fancy the university option? Do you want access to some of the best companies and industry professionals from day one?

Then apply to become an apprentice through Snowmedia Academy

Unique apprenticeships in creative industries

Snowmedia Apprenticeships are innovative. We not only offer experience within our own dynamic and exciting organisation, but we offer placements with other organisations in the sports, business and voluntary sectors which gives the potential for the broadest range of skills by the end of the 18-month programme — and an NCTJ qualification to boot.


Industry-wide 92% of apprentices are in full time employment 6 months after completion their training — and with media being such a competitive industry, our apprenticeships offer you a head start.

Apprenticeships vs Academia

In the past, talented and ambitious school leavers were too often told that university was their only option. These are changing times – and while both routes have the potential to bear fruits, apprenticeships offer right mix of skills for our future workforce from the very start. And of course, you also get to earn while you learn.

Get the right apprenticeship

Work-based routes into employment are no longer ‘second best’ to a university education, but with the massive rise in opportunities out there, it is vital that you choose carefully. At Snowmedia, choice is the key – whether you are with us or a partner organisation, we will support you every step of the way. We see apprenticeships as a two-way contract. You lend us your raw talent and we upskill you and set you up for a future career. We pay above the industry average to reflect our commitment and belief in you – because we want to very best.

What next?

Please complete the online questionnaire if you are interested in forging a future through Snowmedia Academy. You can also check out the current vacancies if you want to see what's on offer.