A unique approach

Snowmedia Academy has launched a unique form of apprenticeship that enables your organisation to draw on our experience of 20 years in the marketing and communications industry by outsourcing apprentices on our 18 months programme.
  • We will mentor, train and support the apprentice
  • You will provide the environment for them to develop and grow
  • We will support them in getting the vocational qualifications to sharpen their skills
  • You will benefit as we finesse their raw talent – providing your organisation with more tools to promote itself

Hassle-free recruitment

You can access our apprenticeship talent pool or we can support the recruitment of an apprentice that is specific to the needs of your organisation. We will handle all HR and payroll issues – for an affordable set fee to cover wages and employee benefits.

The benefits

Unlike traditional apprenticeships, we offer flexible support:
  • Apprenticeship placements over 6 months, 12 month or 18 months
  • Part time or full time placements

Upskill existing employees with our marketing and communications fast-track

Another great advantage of choosing The Apprentice Project is that your organisation can draw on knowledge and expertise to upskill an existing member of staff – removing yet another recruitment hurdle.

Your existing employee will take advantage of the knowledge and expertise that Snowmedia is able to offer – and just like an apprentice will work towards the industry recognised NCTJ Diploma in Journalism.

As for your organisation, you will have access to some of the best communications and marketing expertise in the business – and someone on hand to help deliver it. Get in touch and ask us about our upskill opportunities.

Have your cake and eat it

Improve your marketing and communications
Draw on industry leading expertise to help promote your organisation
Help upskill the next generation
Hassle-free apprenticeship training programmes overseen by Snowmedia

Some of our clients


What does it cost?

The amount you pay will cover cost of the apprentices wages for the duration of the time they are with your organisation as well as a small contribution to their training and development cost.

So how much is that?

All depends on how many days they will be with you. We believe that apprentices deserve a fair wage because they are entering a two-way deal. We will provide a framework which features a recommended wage structure, but the final salary of the apprentice is at your discretion*.

(*Salary determination applies to 12 month & 18 month full time placements only)

What does Snowmedia get?

The government is investing heavily in supporting apprenticeships and has set the bold target of creating three million more apprenticeships by 2020. We are able to draw on training subsidies which means the cost we charge for mentoring and training are very affordable. We want to be very transparent –the fees vary depending on length of placement and number of hours, to cover HR, admin and mentoring. Lets have a chat, and we will calculate a really straight forward off-the-shelf price.

Why not just employ an apprentice directly?

We would encourage this if you already have an established marketing and communications function in place. We can still assist you in delivering the vocational training elements that the government stipulates must be a part of all apprenticeships. For more info on how apprenticeship financing can work for you visit The UK Government Apprenticeship page

So what does Snowmedia Academy bring to the mix?

If you do not have an established marketing and communications functions within your organisation or do not have the resource to upskill and train, then Snowmedia can not only provide a member of staff in the form of an apprentice, but also help you deliver that function – hassle free all as one package.

What is the criteria for employers to apply?

We are seeking to hear from small and medium sized organisations in the sports, SME and voluntary sectors with 50 employees or under and with a payroll of under £3 million.

What regions are you offering apprenticeships?

We are rolling out opportunities nationwide over the next 12 months – out initial recruitment is in the southeat.

How do I sign up?

We are accepting expressions of interest currently and will be launching the apprenticeships this Autumn. Please fill in this short questionnaire and we will be in touch with more details, or use the messenger service at the bottom of this page.